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Serpent Isle Fixes is a collection of usecode fixes for Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle and Ultima VII Part Two: The Silver Seed (the expansion is required for use), which needs the Exult engine to be used. Serpent Isle Fixes is available from the Exult source repository. The fixes are maintained by Marzo Sette Torres Junior, who has also written a large part of them.

The focus of the mod is fixing bugs, annoyances, obvious omissions and inconsistencies that were left in Serpent Isle; the mod will not fix major design issues or alter the plot significantly.

Major issues fixed Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The complete list of issues fixed in the mod can be found in the Readme.txt file.

  • 24-hour clock implemented as an optional feature.
  • Cantra can now be cured of her insanity; the appropriate dialogue was already in the game usecode, but there was no way of curing her.
  • Iolo, Shamino and Dupre will thank the Avatar for saving them, and join the party before Xenka arrives.
  • Gwenno will receive the diamond necklace from Iolo
  • The teleported lute in Fawn isn't a duplicate of Iolo's lute any more
  • Fixes to the behaviour of misplaced items, and the list of misplaced items works better
  • Spinebreaker, Wall of Lights and Dupre abuses have been fixed; there are fewer ways to "save" the Companions from Bane possession and wrecking the plot, nor is there any way to resurrect Dupre after his sacrifice
  • Ghosts behave like regular ghosts, they no longer appear to be Chaos Hierophants when talked to
  • Goblins stop spawning at Fawn Tower once it is liberated
  • Innkeepers reclaim the keys after the inn stay
  • Firesnake spell actually works
  • Vibrate spell will not make characters drop their usecode containers
  • Spells use words of power that were used in manual, and four spells that all used "Ex Por" have new words of power.

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