At the Bull Tower

The Serpent Isle Guard Towers are a safety system on the Serpent Isle, created by the pikemen of Monitor in order to ensure the safety of travelers because of the threat of bandits and especially the Goblins.

Essentially three guard towers had been erected at three strategic points of the tranding rout in the southern Serpent Isle to keep away these unwanted elements and also keep up law and order. They are:

In Ultima VII Part Two, thanks to treachery from Lord Marsten and Spektor, the Goblins had managed to take over Fawn Tower, until the Avatar managed to throw them out. Also the pikemen of the Bull Tower turned out to be especially corrupt, as they had been bribed by Flindo and were also greedy concerning Captain Hawk's release, wanting an absurdly hight sum for it.

When the Banes of Chaos were released, all pikemen in the towers were slaughtered and the towers now lie in ruin.