Door shield and brass shield


Metal spike shield

Besides the known shields, there are three special shields that only appear in Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle.

The first is the metal spike shield. This shield can be bought in any good armoury of the Serpent Isle. It is in many ways like the spike shield from Britannia, but instead of being made of wood with metal spikes, this shield is made entirely of metal. This, of course, makes it much better at deflecting the attacks of the enemy.

It has a defensive rating of "3."

The other two shields are from the time of the Ophidians and are no longer produced. They however can be found in the old ruins, or in the past of the lands.

The first of the two is the door shield, a rectangular shield designed to protect a larger portion of the body. The other shield is the brass shield, which in many ways is like the door shield, but is more rounded and protects a smaller area.

Both of these shields have a defensive rating of "3."

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