Serpent Jawbone

The Serpent Jawbone is a very useful item on the Serpent Isle. The Jawbone enables the Avatar to use the Serpent Gates, which lead to the Dark Path in the Void. From there, any other Serpent Gate can be reached, allowing the party to move about the map quickly. It is also the only way to travel to certain locations (like Monk Isle or the Shrine of Balance).

The Avatar acquired the Jawbone from Erstam the mage. Erstam, after admitting to possessing it, wanted the Avatar to retrieve a Phoenix egg, so that he could begin his experiments to create life. Having acquired the egg, and having helped Erstam to create Boydon, a Frankenstein-like creature, Erstam gave the Avatar the key to a shed where the Jawbone was found.

Serpent Teeth Edit

The Jawbone alone is useless without the Serpent Teeth. Each tooth corresponds to a gate, and each gate is unlocked when a tooth is added to the Jawbone. Erstam once had a full set of teeth, but most of them were stolen by the mages of Moonshade, who thought of it as a test. Erstam gave the Avatar the teeth he had, leaving him to find the remainder.

Trivia Edit

  • The availability of the Serpent Jawbone and the teeth are engineered to control to where the party can travel as the plot progresses.
  • For the location of all the Serpent Teeth and a map of the Dark Path, look to the Dark Path Help.

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