Sethys, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Temple of Tolerance

Sethys is a follower of Chaos who was left behind on the Serpent Isle after the War of Imbalance.

The Avatar discovered him in Ultima VII Part Two in the Temple of Tolerance, where he had been left by the Hierophant of Chaos after being entrusted with the key to the drawbridge protecting the temple's altar. Strange mystical energies somehow kept Sethys alive for the centuries that followed the end of the Ophidian War.

Thinking that the Avatar and his or her companions were soldiers of Order, he proved initially hostile. When visited later, however, his demeanor had softened, and he offered to help the Avatar in summoning the shade of the Chaos Hierophant. He was extremely remorseful that he had lost the key entrusted to him, and reported that a large rat had taken it from him. The Avatar, using the Serpent Bond spell, was able to retrieve the lost item from the rat's lair, and Sethys then joined the hero's company, eager to guide them to the resting place of his master.

However, once Sethys set foot outside of the temple, the powers of the place that had kept him alive left him, his geas now fulfilled. He began to age rapidly, barely managing to impart to the Avatar where to find his master's body before perishing. As he lay dying, he also gave the hero that Eye of the Serpent, an artifact needed to summon the Chaos Hierophant's shade.


  • In the Temple of Enthusiasm, the book My Life and Beliefs can be found, which was written by Sethys' sister, Svenjaja. It describes the death of the Chaos Hierophant and the siege of the temple, in which Svenjaja eventually died.

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