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Shaana, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Shaana is an executioner who lives in eastern Tenebrae in Ultima VIII. She is a rather to-the-point person and dislikes wasting time talking to the Avatar.

When the Avatar first saw her at work, she beheaded Toran, one of the last victims of Mordea's reign of terror. However, Shaana isn't actually evil; she only did her job. Later, when it was revealed that Devon was the true Tempest, she went against Mordea's orders to kill him, resulting in her nearly getting killed by Mordea's lightning, one of the few to survive such an attack.

She was also occasionally seen in Mythran's house, though, as with many other topics, she didn't want to say why she was there. Fans have speculated on this matter, believing Shaana could be a student of Mythran, which might explain her surviving Mordea's attack, or that she might be somehow related to Mythran, perhaps a granddaughter.

Lore Edit

Even she can be harsh sometimes, but remains as a good character, having stated that she doesn't like her job (Executioner) She has an strange taste in decoration, since she has a pair of shackles behind her bed!! She is one of the few characters that can be killed in Tenebrae, since she don't call Beren when attacked, choosing to fight back by herself (The other one who fights back is Darion but he's inmortal. If she's killed before the second execution scene of the game, she's replaced by a generic guard.

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