Shamuru, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Shamuru is a member of the Barako Tribe in Savage Empire.

When Shamuru first met the Avatar after his fight with the giant Pterosaurias, the bright light of recognition immediately flickered across his face. Unfortunately, they were separated after the Avatar's battle with Darden. The Avatar later met Shamuru with the Barako tribe, where he explained that he showed up in Eodon recently, but had no memories of his previous life. He told the Avatar that the Barako had adopted him, but he felt more comfortable in the deep jungle than in the Barako's mountainous terrain.

Lore Edit

He was tall, caucasian, blond, young: A man of some height, a man with a lithe, athletic build. His garments were different from those of his companions; he wore tanned leather rather than fur, was booted rather than barefoot.
And his face was known to me. I had seen it countless times, accompanying me through the wildernesses of Britannia, the faraway land ruled by Lord British.
With breath still failing me, I managed to croak his name: "Shamino?"

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire)

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