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Shark, from Ultima V manual
Only appearance: Ultima V

Sharks can be seen as nature's revenge for all the fish that humans eat. Their powerful jaws, with multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth, will make fast work of any helpless creatures in the water. Once a shark clamps down onto a potential meal, only wounding it severely will coax it into releasing the victim. Travelers surrounded by these monsters while at sea are advised to stay clear of their vessels' edges, for hungry sharks will lash out at anything they can reach. A large group of sharks locked in a feeding frenzy can be horrifying to witness.

They can be found in the sea and in lakes and rivers, and are seldom encountered singly.


Strong and agile in water, sharks are not particularly intelligent and cause little damage to creatures that are not in the water, despite their frightening appearance. They can endure quite a beating before dying.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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