MD-Spector-Shartek Tarpch
Shartek, from Martian Dreams
Species: Martian
Martian Dreams
Location: Elysium

Shartek was a Martian the Avatar encountered in the Dream-World in Martian Dreams.


Speaking with "Dr. Spector"/Shartek

In reality, "Shartek" was part of an illusion created by Faulinei, the Shadowlord of Falsehood, in order to test the Avatar. Shartek at first appeared to be one of two copies of Dr. Spector, and the Avatar had to discern which was the false Spector.

The hero was able to quickly puzzle out the truth, and continued on to another test.

Trivia Edit

  • Shartek has the same portrait as the other Martian encountered in the Dream-World, Tarpch.

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