Spike Shield and Wooden Shield


Decorative Shield and Curved Heater



Shields are an important addition to a warrior's protection. With a shield at hand it is possible to deflect a foe's blow before it can even hit the armour, thus raising the chances of survival significantly. It also is good for saving the armour from fatigue, since continuous blows are not good for any material. Numerous shields have appeared throughout the history of Britannia, each having its own use for the adventurer. However, it should be noted that, logically, a shield can only be used together with a one-handed weapon.

The most common shields, sorted from weakest to strongest, are these:

  • Buckler - A small metal shield with a protection value of 1.
  • Wooden shield - A round wood shield with a defensive value of 2.
  • Spike shield - A round shield with spikes, has a defensive value of 2.
  • Decorative shield - A big metal shield with a defensive value of 3.
  • Curved heater - A big metal shield with a defensive value of 3.

Besides these basic classes of shields, there exist special shields that have better properties than normal ones.

For a list of shields (and other armour) seen in Savage Empire, see Primitive Armour.

There are also several shields available found on the Serpent Isle. See Serpent Isle Shields.

Also worth mentioning is the Jeweled shield found in Ultima V, which turned out to be worthless.

History Edit

Shields first came into use in Ultima V, where several varieties were available. This trend continued with Ultima VII, introducing the shields pictured here.

The system changed significantly in Ultima IX, where besides the Kiran and Mage shield, four kinds of shields existed, in rising efficiency: small round shield, shield, middle round shield and kite shield.

Lore Edit

Shields also vary greatly. Not all war rigs call for shields--any use of two-handed weapons precludes them and they require some strength--yet many thank shields for their lives.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Against a horde of enemies, a fighter will gladly tote a shield. Armed with a shield, a warrior can parry one opponent while striking at another. Although it precludes the use of two-handed weapons, this defensive tool keeps the opposition at arms length and arrows off of one's skin.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

Triva Edit

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