An ambrosian shrine

The Shrines of Truth (sometimes called "shrines of knowledge, shrines of strength") are ancient shrines located on the continent of Ambrosia.

There are four of these shrines:

  • Shrine of Strength
  • Shrine of Dexterity
  • Shrine of Intelligence
  • Shrine of Wisdom

Each of these shrines is able to increase a character's stat for an offering of 100 gold pieces per point. Each shrine will only raise the stat that corresponds to its name.

Each shrine also has one of the Four Cards needed to destroy Exodus hidden nearby.



The Shrine of Dexterity in the world map

It is not known who constructed the Shrines, but they were lost to Sosaria along with Ambrosia when it disappeared.

During Ultima III, the Stranger and his party, following tips from mages from Moon and other townsfolk, learned about the importance of praying at these shrines. Once they got to Ambrosia, the shrines were very useful in helping the party increase their stats and prepare for the battle against Exodus. The Stranger was also able to find the Four Cards near each of the shrines.