Mondain- Shrine of Control


Minax- Shrine of Passion


Exodus- Shrine of Diligence

The Shrines of the Principles are the physical manifestation of the three principles that guide the Gargoyles of Britannia. Each of them is the statue of a former foe of the Stranger, their soul bound to it, now putting their past evil deeds behind them. Mondain stands for Control, Minax for Passion, and Exodus for Diligence.

The Avatar found the Shrines on his quest in Ultima VI, and all three told of their previous malevolent roles, while teaching the meaning behind the principles. Following these events, the statues were relocated to escape the destruction of the Underworld.

In Ultima VII, they were housed in a special shrine on Terfin, with Teregus as their keeper. There was a plot to destroy them by Fellowship followers under Runeb, but the Avatar foiled it, preserving the shrines. The Dark Core also tried to draw Exodus out of his shrine, but this was also prevented by the Avatar.

Trivia Edit

  • Contrary to Ultima VI, the Avatar is unable to speak with the shrines in Ultima VII.
  • Exodus' shrine was changed between the games. Before it was only his head, but later it was his full body.
  • It is unknown what happened to the shrines in Ultima IX. Whether they were lost or destroyed remains unknown.

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