Shubin, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Serpent's Hold

Shubin is a cook in Serpent's Hold in Ultima VI.

Shubin was the strange, effeminate cook whom the Avatar met in Serpent's Hold. Shubin compared being a cook to being an adventurer; he felt that the cook had to gather up all their ingredients with care, and be on the lookout for just the right ingredients. Shubin jokingly suggested that the mantra of eating was 'yum', and was quite insistent on filling up the Avatar with as much food as he could handle.

Shubin told the Avatar that Sandy the cook in Trinsic had taught him the recipe for Magincian Pastry, but that he required a dragon egg to complete it. If the Avatar brought a dragon egg for the pasty, Shubin was quite grateful.

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