Shyra, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Serpent's Hold
Description: training master

Shyra is the training master at the Academy of Serpent's Hold during Ultima IV.


Shyra trained the fighters of the keep to conduct themselves with courage and would offer her instruction to the Stranger. Her students would also tell the hero that their teacher knew of the altar rooms, and upon asking her about them the warrior would reveal that the red, orange, purple and white stones were necessary in the altar room of courage.[1]


  • In the alleged journal of the Avatar discovered by historians Robert DeMain and Carlotta Stein, the hero mentions that Geoffrey and Shyra seem to recognize one another, and it is implied that the fighter trained under her at some point.[2]
  • In the Nintendo port of Ultima IV, an unnamed male ranger appears in Shyra's stead, complaining of how tired training has left him.[3]


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