The Sigils

Sigils appear in Ultima IX and are magical items strongly connected to the virtues. Each of them is needed to clease a shrine and finish the game by creating the Barrier of Life.

While most of them are the item used as symbol for the vitrue they represent, other are totally different.

  • The Writ of Honesty. The Avatar has to get this from the corrupt sorceress Batista by exchanging it with Mariah's magical shield. This Sigil has a hand printed on it, but traditionally the symbol of Honesty is just a hand.
  • The Heart of Compassion. The Avatar gets this Sigil from Aidon after saving his daughter. However the traditional symbol for Compassion used to be a Rose.
  • The Quill of Justice. The Avatar gets it from Eustus the Vulture. Traditionally, the symbol for Justice was a set of balanced scales.
  • The Teardrop of Sacrifice. The Avatar receives it after giving the Rom Bado the blackrock crystal ball.
  • The Chalice of Honor. Blackthorn destroys the original Chalice and the Avatar has to reconstruct with Lucero's help.

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