Sign Post (U1)

The Sign Post

The Sign Post is a monument in the days of old Sosaria, located within the Lands of the Dark Unknown during the era of Ultima I.

Description Edit

This sign post was one of eight major sites in the realm that adventurers once quested to find, in search of power or at the behest of the numerous kings of the land. Those who approached it were overcome by deep magical forces, and through contact with this artifact were able to increase their natural capacity for endurance.[1] The sign itself read "Ultima Thule."

After the death of Mondain, and the sundering of Sosaria, this sign post, like many prominent landmarks, vanished with the passing of time. It is not known what became of it.


  • On Earth, Thule was a semi-mythical northern island spoken of by archaic explorers and cartographers that was said to be at the limits of the known world. "Ultima Thule," as such, was used upon maps throughout the middle ages to denote areas beyond the realm of human understanding. In the real world, Norway, the Orkney or Shetland Islands, Scandinavia, Iceland and Greenland have all been considered candidates for the location of Thule.[2]


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