Silamo, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Terfin

Silamo is a wingless gargoyle living on Terfin, working as the gardener.

Hearing only little about this gargoyle, the most noticeable a mention of a conflict between winged and wingless gargoyles, the Avatar met him east of the city in Ultima VII. Silamo at first wasn't very talkative. However, after some time he finally revealed how very unhappy he was with his life, adding that this probably because he was wingless, comparing it to human racism.

Silamo then went on to talk about his observations of the Fellowship. Despite having observed how they treat wingless as equals, he was disappointed that just because he wasn not a member, he was always excluded from their festivities. For him, that felt as equally bad as the role of the wingless.


  • Silamo translates roughly to "Loves Stars" or perhaps "Omen of Love" in Gargish.

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