Amongst the silverleaf trees

Silverleaf is a tree that grows in the Deep Forest of Yew. It can be distinguished by its silvery leaves, and light tan, almost white trunk. Although the leaves of a silverleaf are considered a delicacy to many people, it was discovered that the race of creatures known as the emps make their homes in these trees. With the growing popularity of silverleaf meal, the home of the emps was facing destruction.

After the Avatar told the woodcutter Ben about the emps' situation in Ultima VII, the woodcutter made a contract with the emps, in which he declared he would no longer cut down silverleaf trees. Since then, the destruction of these trees had been halted.

Trivia Edit

  • Silverleaf may be considered a delicacy, but it has a nutrient value of zero.
  • After the contract is signed, silverleaf meal vanishes from the list of foods available in taverns.
  • There are also silverleaf trees on the Serpent Isle, in the northern forest, at the house of the Forest Master, Morghrim.

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