Sintag, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Sintag is a huge brute of a guard in the House of Games on Buccaneer's Den, enforcing the rules of the house on the players.

Before Ultima VII, Sintag had trouble with the notorious cheater Robin, who used his bodyguards Battles and Leavell to hold back Sintag, while he cheated the casino dry. Only when Sintag brought his relatives as reinforcements was he able to throw Robin off-island.

When meeting him later, Sintag spoke proudly of how he kept the order in the house, talking about a man who'd tried to cheat by pretending to be the Avatar (Sullivan) and how he'd managed to finally eject Robin from the island.

After getting the small cube however, Sintag became more talkative and spoke how Sullivan was now rotting in their prison/torture chamber inside the Buccaneer's Cave, revealing that it was run by the Fellowship. He also revealed that the door inside the house led to Hook's hideout, after getting a hint from Gordy, giving the Avatar the key in the process.

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