Sir Drake
Sir Drake
Sir Drake, from Ultima IX
Species: Human
Ultima IX
Location: Destard

Sir Drake was a Valorian knight in Ultima IX, whose corpse was found in dungeon Destard.

The Avatar first heard about the Sir Drake's fateful journey to seal the dungeon Destard from the broken Sir Robin, who had cowardly fled Sir Drake's party, and was now drowning his sorrows at the tavern in Britain. The Avatar learned that Sir Drake had sealed himself within the dungeon itself.[1]

Later, the Avatar found Sir Drake's corpse, slain by a daemon deep within the dungeon. Nearby was a book containing the Word of Power, 'Inopia', which allowed the Avatar to exit the dungeon.


Sir Reynald,

Should you wish to join us after we have sealed off Destard, you will need to be able to find the secret entrance, because should we succeed, the main entrance will be unpassable.

The main entrance can be found near the small town of Dawn, close to the column on the west coast of Britain. From the main entrance, look to the east. Atop a snowy mountain to the east and slightly south of the main entrance will be an icy patch that blocks the way into the dungeon.

- from Sir Drake's Note (Ultima IX)


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