Sir Jeff
Sir Jeff, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Yew

Sir Jeff is a judge at the High Court of Britannia.

The Avatar met him in Ultima VII. Sir Jeff told the Avatar about his job, and how he felt how important it was to get the criminals that plague the land, revealing that they'd recently caught two of them. He allowed the Avatar to look at the wanted list for criminals not caught yet, which put the Avatar on Kreg's trail. Sir Jeff added slightly amused that the monks of the nearby Empath Abbey were mostly known for their fine wine.

However, he then admitted that he mistrusted his prison guard Goth, who had started work a few weeks ago. He was relieved when the Avatar claimed to not be one of Goth's friends. His suspicions weren't unfounded, as the Avatar found out that Goth was corrupt.

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