Sir Sean
Sir Sean, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Lycaeum
Description: keeper of the flame

Sir Sean is the Keeper of the Flame of Truth at the Lycaeum in the time of Ultima V. If the Avatar claims to not be afraid to journey into evil's abode, he will give detailed instructions on how to reach Stonegate.

Ultima V: LazarusEdit

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In Ultima V: Lazarus, Sean was born in Moonglow where he was raised to study magic. Although his talent was small, he moved to the Lycaeum to study the nature of Truth and other matters. He knew he would never become a mage, but the other residents respected his healthy thirst for knowledge and aided his studies. The years of research awakened a thirst for adventure in him, so he left Verity Isle to see more of Britannia. His travels took him to Trinsic and Serpent's Hold, where the ways of the knights and paladins caught his attention. He trained to join the Order of the Silver Serpent and achieved knighthood, but despite his skill with the blade he decided he preferred the contemplative life of the Lycaeum. He returned to the Keep of Truth and Lord Shalineth, recognizing his talents as a knight and knowing of his dedicated pursuit of Truth, asked Sir Sean to become the protector and Keeper of the Flame of Truth. Sir Sean accepted, and the Flame gave him strange visions during his long hours of tendance. One of the visions led him to leave the Lycaeum for a time and find Stonegate, the Shadowlords' earthly abode. He met the arch-daemon Balinor, who guards the door, but failed to answer the creature's riddle. He escaped with his life and wrote about this journey in The Gate of Stone. When he returned to the Lycaeum he took up his tasks again as Keeper of the Flame.