Siranush, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Dream Realm

Siranush, a healer, was one of the original inhabitants of the village of Gorlab (before it became Gorlab Swamp when the mad sorcerer Rabindrinath tore the village's people into the Dream Realm). Siranush tried to protect the spirits of the people from Rabindrinath.

In Ultima VII Part Two, it was revealed that Edrin, who wears one of the Dream Crystals, often dreamed of Siranush. The two fell in love during their dreams. The Avatar met her while dreaming, and was begged by Siranush to defeat the evil sorcerer and finally release them from his curse.

Once the Avatar took Rabindrinath's dream crystal, Siranush destroyed it; this freed her spirit and the spirits of the people of Gorlab, lifting the enchantment over Gorlab Swamp. She rewarded the Avatar with the Serpent Necklace, one of the Serpent Artifacts, and bid Edrin farewell until his time would come to cross the Void and join her.

However, they weren't separated for long, because only mere days later Edrin was murdered by Shamino the Anarch, who had usurped the power in Moonshade.

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