Spark, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Trinsic

Spark is the son of murdered Trinsic blacksmith Christopher in Ultima VII, and is a potential party member in the game. He is undoubtedly one of the youngest companions to accompany the Avatar, claiming to be fourteen years of age when the Avatar first met him. At the time of Ultima VII, Spark was an orphan, his unnamed mother having died shortly after his birth.

Spark was first encountered in gameplay by his father's house in the northwest corner of Trinsic. His character portrait initially showed a crying sullen teenager, as he was obviously stricken with grief when he first encountered the Avatar.

Spark explained that he was among the first to find his father's ritually dismembered corpse, and was helpful to the Avatar in pursuing an investigation of the murder. Spark pointed out Christopher's recent decision to leave the Fellowship, his sudden acquisition of wealth, and the presence of a hook-handed man and a wingless gargoyle fleeing the scene of the murder.

He then begged to be allowed to accompany the Avatar out of a desire for revenge against his father's killers. Iolo, if present in the party, professed some doubt as to the wisdom of adventuring with a child, and was rebutted by Spark knocking an insect near to Iolo's head out of the air with a sling stone. Ultimately, having Spark accompany the Avatar was optional.

What happened to Spark after the events of Ultima VII was unclear, as little mention was made of him in later games.

Ultima IX: Ascension (Fan Made Dialogue Patch) Edit

In the dialogue patch for Ultima IX, Spark appeared as a dead paladin in Trinsic.

Trivia Edit

  • Spark provides a number of humorous remarks throughout gameplay if he is present in the party, often making awkward inquires regarding wenches.
  • One of Spark's first comedic statements comes when the player first meets him and says claims to be the Avatar: "The last time I heard that one I fell off a prehistoric creature from Eodon!"
  • Spark was based on Raymond Benson's son.[1]

References Edit

  1. Sheri Graner Ray - Looking back on 20 years in the industry

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