Another weapon of primitive origin, the common spear -- a strong wooden shaft with a sharpened metal point at the tip -- has proven fairly effective in both melee and ranged combat. As with some other hurled weapons however, they are often prone to breakage when thrown, forcing the wielder to keep a steady supply handy.

According to the Prima Guide to the Ultima Collection, in Ultima V the spear has a range of 5 (1 better than a throwing axe) and a damage rating of 10 (same as throwing axe). Its damage remained unchanged in Ultima VI.

History Edit

Spears first appeared in Ultima V, alongside the other new single-use hurled missile weapon, the throwing axe. It was still available in Ultima VI, but had fallen out of common use by the time of Ultima VII. On the Serpent Isle, the goblins were fond of throwing spears at their enemies.

In Savage Empire, spears were fairly powerful, and could do increased damage when used with an atl-atl.

Lore Edit

Some knights prefer missiles they can hurl without mechanical aid. Popular throwing weapons include daggers, spears, axes, and flasks of flaming oil.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

A complete battle strategy must include the use of weapons which can be shot, thrown, or hurled from a great distance toward advancing opponents. Lightweight, hand-held items such as daggers, spears, axes, or flasks of flaming oil can be most effective in times of need.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

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