The Sphere Generator

The Sphere Generator is one of the three generators the Guardian had sent to Britannia to prepare for the conquering of the land, by rendering it totally helpless.

Like all three generators, it was sent roughly 20 years before Ultima VII, just after the founding of the Fellowship. The effect of the Sphere Generator is twofold. One of its effects is to trap the Time Lord at the Shrine of Spirituality behind an impassable time barrier. The other effect is to disturb the workings of the Moongates, making them highly unstable and dangerous. The normal rules for Moongates no longer apply. The Generator is located in the dungeon Shame.

The Avatar was told of the Generator by the Time Lord. However, to enter the Generator, first the Ether had to be fixed, so that Nicodemus could enchant his Hourglass. Destroying the Tetrahedron Generator, he did so, and the Avatar was able to break through the defense, destroying the Generator, freeing the Time Lord. This also gave the Avatar possession of the small Prism inside. Sadly, with its destruction, the Moongates stopped working, a safety mechanism built in by the Guardian.

Defense mechanismsEdit

The Generator has two defense mechanisms:

  • The way is blocked by a special red Moongate. It teleports the intruder farther into the hall, and back in time. Can be countered with the Hourglass of Nicodemus.
  • If someone manages to enter the Generator, a puzzle of red and blue Moongates await, and the wrong choice will throw the intruder into fire fields.

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Trivia Edit

  • The shapes of all three generators form the old Electronic Arts logo - a reference to the conflict Origin had with EA at that point.