Using the spyglass


The spyglass in Ultima V: Lazarus

The spyglass is found in Ultima V. It is used to watch the eight planets of the Britannian Solar System and the comets that sometimes approach them. It is the only way to predict a Shadowlord attack on the cities, thus staying out of trouble with these mighty creatures. Using it during the day, under roofs or in caves is impossible.

Going after several clues, the Avatar asked Seggallion in Farthing for the spyglass. Receiving it after correctly answering a question about the planets, the Avatar now had a very useful tool at hand. Watching the sky at night with it, the hero could see the eight planets, each representing a city of Britannia. Three comets symbolized the Shadowlords. Until the Shadowlords were vanquished, a comet over a planet meant that the corresponding city was under attack by a Shadowlord.

With all three Shadowlords destroyed, the spyglass lost its usefulness to the Avatar.


Normally used by sailors as a navigational aid, it is possible to study the planets and brighter stars with even a small spyglass. Although seldom found for sale in Britannia's shoppes, Seggallion of Farthing is known to have a particularly fine instrument and little need of it.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • Another spyglass is on the roof over Lord British's room in his castle. Sadly, it is fixed to the ground, and can't be taken with you. The same goes for several others found on building tops.
  • Telescopes in later Ultima installments were, strangely, only useful to look at the ground.

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