Ssithnos, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Isle of Crypts

Ssithnos' last letter

Ssithnos was the last Great Hierophant of Balance, in the time of the Ophidians on Serpent Isle. Not much is known about his life, besides the fact that he was the Great Hierophant at the time when the Great Earth Serpent was abducted from the Ethereal Void.

Right before his death, Ssithnos wrote a letter titled Principles of Balance, trying to preserve the philosophy of the Ophidians for the future, and to ask for help in repairing the Imbalance. The letter in its entirety can be read above.

Soon after writing his letter, Order forces stormed his keep, and Ssithnos was murdered. His death was blamed on the followers of Chaos, giving the Order forces, commanded by Hierophant Calithiss, an excuse to storm Skullcrusher and murder its inhabitants. This marks the beginning the War of Imbalance. Ssithnos was later entombed on the Isle of Crypts.

Ssithnos letter was found by Erstam years later. He transcribed it into the book Beyond the Serpent Pillars. The Avatar, at the beginning of Ultima VII Part Two, found this letter too. The Avatar later travelled to the Isle of Crypts, and it was there that the Avatar spoke with Ssithnos via the Summon Shade spell, to learn what to do to restore Balance. After that, Ssithnos' soul escaped to the void, finally at peace.

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