Standarr, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Monitor

Standarr was a blacksmith and Knight of Monitor, a city on the Serpent Isle in Ultima VII Part Two.

A member of the Leopard Command, Standarr was a tough and honorable fighter. He served as blacksmith and armorer for the city of Monitor during the final days of the city. When his duties permitted it, Standarr would often venture into the fiery dungeon Furnace as one of his Quests of Knighthood. He created the Armour of Beauty for Kylista, High Priestess of Fawn.

When the sage Batlin passed through the city, Standarr got into a disagreement with one of Batlin's lackeys, Brunt, a warrior who made Standarr--very well muscled due to his trade as a blacksmith--look like a weak child. Brunt bested Standarr in fair combat during a tournament at the List Field.

About this same time, Standarr was asked by Lord Marsten to develop a "secret weapon" that would help ensure a final victory in the city's perpetual war against the Goblins. Standarr secretly created gunpowder, though the Knights were never able to properly implement it. After Lord Marsten was arrested a few months later, Standarr confided in the Avatar about the secret weapon, though he did not know where Marsten had hidden the amounts he had created.

Like most of the citizens of Monitor, Standarr was killed when the Bane of Wantonness (possessing the body of Dupre) conquered the city at the head of a huge army of Goblins and other monsters.

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