Stellos, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Argentrock Isle

Stellos is the founder and nominal leader of the Theurgists of Pagan, living on Argentrock Isle.

Centuries earlier, Stratos contacted him to spread word of her call for a new order of air magic. Stellos himself however was blinded only shortly after the founding of the order, while resurrecting his love, the Tempest Kalen. He remained on Argentrock Isle, leading the order, and a monastery was erected. Stratos herself kept him alive with her magic.

Centuries later in Ultima VIII, Stellos gave the Avatar lots of excellent advice about the order and how to join. He later gave the Avatar the key for the dungeon beneath the island to gather silver ore for the spell foci. After the foci were made, Stellos sent the Avatar on a the third test. However, Stellos had to postpone the last test because of Torwin's theft of Xavier's healing focus. After the matter was cleared, Stellos told the Avatar that it now was time to speak with Stratos. He also told mentioned giving Torwin's ring to his mother, Rhian.

Later, the Avatar asked Stellos for information about the Breath of Air. After retrieving the item, Stellos congratulated the Avatar, saying that it took someone really brave to do that. However, now that the magic was severed, Stellos started to age rapidly. He only managed to say goodbye to the Avatar before dissolving into a pile of dust.

Lore Edit

Stellos is a wise and kind man for whom the term elderly is more a measure of appearance than chronology, for his dealings with Stratos have left him immortal. Ever concerned for the welfare of others, he is perfectly suited for his role as instructor at the Order of Enlightenment. The only man alive from our tumultuous past, Stellos is a still-breathing legend who matches perfectly the stories of his heroic encounter in the realm of Air.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)

Trivia Edit

  • It is really suspicious that Stellos lost his eyesight during a resurrection, since no resurrection ever before in the series caused this. Also it's impossible that the sun did it, because his body wasn't in the direct contact with the sunlight. The best explanation is, that Stratos did that on purpose to make him a totally loyal follower.
  • Stellos is the last human to see the Sun of Pagan.

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