Stelnar Starhelm
Stelnar Starhelm, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Jhelom

Stelnar Starhelm is a fighter in Jhelom in Ultima VI.

The Avatar found Stelnar to be an angry, violent many whose main goal in life was the eradication of all monsters. Stelnar told the Avatar that he and Shamino hunted the Spiritwood in the past, where Stelnar prided himself in destroying wisps. Stelnar told the Avatar that if given the choice, he would destroy all of the gargoyles in Britannia. He was especially disgusted by Lord British, who allowed Sin'Vraal to live peacefully in the Drylands. He believed that Sin'Vraal could not understand the Virtues, and should be killed and turned into a statue. Stelnar spoke well of Arvin and Culham, and Lyssandra thought of Stelnar as a very angry man.

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