The Sun of Pagan is a very interesting topic. Once, Pagan had a sun shining on it like any other planet, but after the rampage of the Guardian and the Titans, the sun had...vanished.

Pulling together all facts and hints from texts, it becomes clear that the sun still exists, but must be hidden somehow, so that only enough of its rays reach Pagan, that the world won't die, putting it into eternal twilight. The biggest hint comes from the description of Stellos task is "Assisting the Air":

"...Farther and farther he went, facing tremendous winds. There he finally found a shimmering cloud at the very verge of the sky itself and something he later called the ethereal void. As he entered the cloud, the light of day confronted him; he was the first and, to this day, only Pagan to see sunlight in many generations..."

This gives the final conclusions:

  • The Sun is still there.
  • A sort of cloud hides it.
  • The Titans themselves seem to have no problem with it, meaning that they created this cloud in the first place.

It is unknown what happened after the destruction of the Titans, but most likely the cloud dissolved with them gone, returning the sun to the sky.

Trivia Edit

  • Malchir asks Pyros about the sun, but he denies him any knowledge about that topic (logical if one knows his role in hiding it in the first place).
  • A book named "The final sunlight" also exists.

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