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Sur Acron

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Sur Acron
Ultima III
Class: Arcane
Mana: 20

Sur Acron is an Arcane Spell which can also be related towards the other spell, Rec Su. When this spell is used, it allows the wielder of this magic to ascend to the next level of a dungeon without finding the ladder and it only works on dungeons.

Lore Edit

This rune is closely related to Dor Acron, direction being the only difference in effect. In this case the dried wing of a bird is needed. The bird must be shot through the breast with an arrow, whilst in flight.Thread the wing on a leather thong and tie it to the tip of thy staff.Once again, gather thy party into a ring and while holding the wing intone this verse of magical movement:


As the words are chanted thy party will be lifted through the floor above thee to the dungeon's next higher level.

- from The Ancient Liturgy of Truth (Ultima III)

Ladder Up teleports you straight up one level in a tower or dungeon.

- from The Second Age of Darkness (Ultima II)

This enchantment creates a magical ladder which permits the spellcaster to ascend to the next level of a dungeon.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

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