Sword of Defense

Not every warrior excels at both offense and defense, and not all can afford an expensive set of Plate Armour. To make up for this problem, this sword was created. The Sword of Defense allows a Fighter to be aggressive in combat, while strengthening defensive capabilities through magic, making it harder for the enemy to inflict damage. A good weapon for those who are novice in the way of the fighter and have yet to gain experience. More experienced warriors shun it however, for they think of it as a beginner's weapon, lacking the power necessary to strike down their foes.

The Sword of Defense is quite common in Ultima VII. One can be found in the Armoury of Serpent's Hold at 157S 53E, a second in dungeon Shame, a third in a invisible chest SW of Trinsic at 128S 3W.

Trivia Edit

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