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"Fear me! I am a master swordsman! I dance with my finely polished blade! I swing grand arcs above my head! I twirl my sword with grace and... ouch!"

The fine art of Swordsmanship is a skill to be admired. Employing neither the wallop-on-the-head approach of the mace fighter, nor the pinging, poking thrust of the fencer, the swordsman knows the near-silent whistle of polished metal slicing the air — and other, less vaporous things…

The benefit from increased levels of swordsmanship is a greater chance to hit your target. Other melee factors, like damage and swing speed, are governed by other statistics, in this instance strength and dexterity, respectively. This skill also counts towards your ability to perform Special Moves.


From 0 - 30 skill you should buy from the Warrior Guildmaster. After that you need to hold a sword in hand and hit opponents. For more details on training Swordsmanship or other melee skills visit the Melee Training Guide page.


The standard sword class of weapons are primarily designed to chop and slice opponents. As it offers the largest range of weapons to choose from by far, the Power Scrolls required to become a Legendary Swordsman are considered extremely valuable.

Another exclusive bonus to Swordsmen is the Axe weapon class. These add an additional Damage Increase bonus dependant on your character's Lumberjacking skill, though this is typically considered too low to be worth pursuing.

Note that as the Tinkering skill has no Runic Tools, the items it produces are seldom used as primary weapons in combat. On the other hand, the only swords which may be used with the Poisoning skill are created by Tinkers (the Butcher Knife and the Cleaver).

One HandedEdit

Type Base
Bokuto Bokuto 9 - 11 Feint Nerve Strike 2s Carpentry
Bone Harvester Bone Harvesters 13 - 15 Paralyzing Blow Mortal Strike 3s Blacksmithy
Broadsword Broadswords 14 - 15 Crushing Blow Armor Ignore 3.25s Blacksmithy
Butcher Knife Butcher Knives 9 - 11 Infectious Strike Disarm 2.25s Tinkering
Cleaver Cleavers 11 - 13 Bleed Attack Infectious Strike 2.5s Tinkering
Cutlass Cutlasses 11 - 13 Bleed Attack Shadowstrike 2.5s Blacksmithy
Elven Machete Elven Machetes 13 - 15 Defense Mastery Bladeweave 2.75s Blacksmithy
Katana Katana 11 - 13 Double Strike Armor Ignore 2.5s Blacksmithy
File:Longsword.png Longswords 15 - 16 Armor Ignore Concussion Blow 3.5s Blacksmithy
Pickaxe Pickaxes 13 - 15 Double Strike Disarm 3s Tinkering
File:Radiant Scimitar.png Radiant Scimitars 12 - 14 Whirlwind Attack Bladeweave 2.5s Blacksmithy
File:Scimitar.png Scimitars 13 - 15 Double Strike Paralyzing Blow 3s Blacksmithy
File:Skinning Knife.png Skinning Knives 9 - 11 Shadowstrike Disarm 2.25s Tinkering
File:Viking Sword.png Viking Swords 15 - 17 Crushing Blow Paralyzing Blow 3.75s Blacksmithy
File:Wakizashi.png Wakizashi 11 - 13 Frenzied Whirlwind Double Strike 2.5s Blacksmithy

Two HandedEdit

Type Base
File:Axe.png Axes 14 - 16 Crushing Blow Dismount 3s Blacksmithy
File:Bardiche.png Bardiches 17 - 18 Paralyzing Blow Dismount 3.75s Blacksmithy
File:Battle Axe.png Battle Axes 15 - 17 Bleed Attack Concussion Blow 3.5s Blacksmithy
File:Bladed Staff.png Bladed Staves 14 - 16 Armor Ignore Dismount 3s Blacksmithy
File:Crescent Blade.png Crescent Blades 11 - 14 Double Strike Mortal Strike 2.5s Blacksmithy
File:Daisho.png Daisho 13 - 15 Feint Double Strike 2.75s Blacksmithy
File:Double Axe.png Double Axes 15 - 17 Double Strike Whirlwind Attack 3.25s Blacksmithy
File:Executioner's Axe.png Executioner's Axes 15 - 17 Bleed Attack Mortal Strike 3.25s Blacksmithy
Halberd Halberds 18 - 19 Whirlwind Attack Concussion Blow 4.25s Blacksmithy
File:Hatchet.png Hatchets 13 - 15 Armor Ignore Disarm 2.75s Tinkering
File:Large Battle Axe.png Large Battle Axes 16 - 17 Whirlwind Attack Bleed Attack 3.75s Blacksmithy
File:No-Dachi.png No-Dachi 16 - 18 Crushing Blow Riding Swipe 3.5s Blacksmithy
File:Ornate Axe.png Ornate Axes 18 - 20 Disarm Crushing Blow 3.5s Blacksmithy
File:Paladin Sword.png Paladin Swords 20 - 24 Whirlwind Attack Disarm 5s Uncraftable
File:Rune Blade.png Rune Blades 15 - 17 Disarm Bladeweave 3s Blacksmithy
File:Scythe.png Scythes 15 - 18 Bleed Attack Paralyzing Blow 3.5s Blacksmithy
File:Two Handed Axe.png Two Handed Axes 16 - 17 Double Strike Shadowstrike 3.5s Blacksmithy

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