Sylaina Moorehead
Sylaina Moorehead, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Empath Abbey

Sylaina Moorehead is a seamstress at Empath Abbey in Ultima VI.

Sylaina was a simple woman who used to be married to the feared pirate Nathaniel Moorehead. When the Avatar met her, she was living alone in a simple cottage on the beach, surviving off of her work as a seamstress and what she could collect from the ocean. Sylaina told the Avatar that after her husband was lost at sea, and the only thing she had left to remember him by was a golden locket wrapped in a piece of cloth, a piece of the treasure map of Hawkins. She further told the Avatar that she was no longer in possession of either because they were stolen by the roving gypsy band led by Arturos.

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