Sysskarr, from Savage Empire
Species: Sakkhra
Savage Empire

Sysskarr is the chief of the Sakkhra Tribe in Savage Empire.

A wisened old Sakkhra, he had been the leader of their tribe for many years. He told how he once fought with Balakai, the shaman of the Barrab Tribe, and claims to have been victorious, despite Balakai's claim to the contrary. When the Avatar met Sysskarr, he was concerned about a green fruit, which only grew in a small valley to the north, that was a powerful medicine for the Sakkhra. He told how a powerful tyrannosaurus had taken up residence in the valley and was killing any Sakkhra who tried to retrieve the fruit. The Avatar willing took up the quest to slay the dinosaur, and upon completing the task, Sysskarr agreed to unite against the Myrmidex threat.

Sysskarr knew much of the history of Eodon. He told the Avatar how the Sakkhra had once been known as the Kotl, and they lived in a great underground city. They once possessed a powerful form of magical protection -- the same as discovered by Dr. Spector -- that kept them from all harm, but then the Myrmidex rebelled against the Kotl and chased them from their great city, forcing them to live a life amongst the caves. He told the Avatar how the great drum of Drum Hill used to be used regularly to organize the tribes together for a great celebration, but the tribes had since delved into warfare and the drum no longer sounded.

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