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Talorid, Ultima Underworld II Cluebook
Only appearance: Underworld II

Talorids are the intelligent species of the alien world of Talorus. They essentially look like floating, glowing orbs. They once had three sexes and thought much like humans; however, they reproduce through artificial means and actually have a "basic programming." Then the Guardian changed this programming with his interference, Talorids were reduced to only a single gender, and each could only do the task it was created for, making them helpless professional idiots.

Talorids use the artificially created Vorz for all the manual labour.

During Ultima Underworld II, the Avatar visited Talorus and helped to replace the corrupted Bliy Skup (who is in charge of creating Talorids) with an uncorrupted Talorid, to repair the damage done.

Trivia Edit

  • Talorids change with age, as shown in the picture, which shows the Historian, a Talorid of advanced age.

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