Talornia is a red dragon during the time of Ultima IX.

Talornia made a deal with the Guardian prior to Ultima IX, where she would give him dragon eggs so that his Wyrmguard would have mounts, and he would help her keep away any unwanted visitors from the Dungeon Destard, where she lived. She had also attacked the village Dawn, and enslaved the population that had survived, while at the same time in Destard, a cult devoted to her was created by the Guardian as a part of their deal.

The Avatar searched for her when he needed the head of a red dragon to enter the volcanic town of Valoria. Tolarnia tried to trick the hero by offering her help against the Guardian's plans to rule Britannia, but the Avatar wasn't deceived, and killed Talornia in battle.


  • Talornia's role in the original Bob White Plot would have been larger. Here, the Avatar would travel to Destard to convince her to gather her dragon followers to attack the Guardian's army together with the Avatar's allies.
  • The dragons encountered in the introduction and on Terfin have resulted from this her with the Guardian.
  • Talornia's battle AI is broken, so she actually is no threat at all.

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