Talorus is a alien world under the rule of the Guardian.

The Talorids are floating beings looking like glowing orbs, which once had three sexes and essentially thought like humans did, however, they are reproduced through artificial means and actually have a "basic programming." What the Guardian did was to make more and more suggestions on program changes, until he could take over, and change the programming to something he liked. Now Talorids have only one sex, and each could only do the task it was created for, making them helpless professional idiots.

The Talorids use Vorz, primitive, artificially produced beings for the physical labour, while they concentrate on the control over all the processes.

The Avatar visited Talorus in Ultima Underworld II, and helped to replace the corrupted Bliy Skup of the Guardian with a new one. This new Bliy Skup would repair the damage done by the Guardian, and the Talorids, now knowing of the Guardian's evil, would never fall into the same trap again. In return, they gave the Avatar the Blackrock gem of that world.

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