Tangle Vines
Tangle Vine, from Ultima VI manual
Only appearance: Ultima VI

Even Britannia's flora can sometimes be very dangerous. Flora such as the tangle vine. This plant has a single central pod and a multitude of quickly growing appendages covered in sharp thorns and thistles. Careful adventurers must avoid these quickly growing vines, for if they can penetrate to the central pod, the tangle vine can be quickly defeated.

They can be found anywhere in the wilderness.


Though this plant resembles a common hedge of briars and thistles, wary adventurers take care to avoid tangle vines. The sharp thorns that adorn this creeping foliage radiate from a well-protected central flower pod. As if swiftly growing limbs weren't threat enough, the flower pod gives off a sleep-inducing fragrance whenever it is threatened.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

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