The Tapestry of Ages

The Tapestry of Ages appears in Ultima IX in the museum. It is a piece of art about the history of Britannia, specifically focused on the actions of the Avatar and his companions.


From a high wall in the Museum of Britannia hangs an immense painting on which is told the tale of the Avatar. Since the birth of Britannia, the Order of the Silver Serpent has defended the Tapestry of Ages day and night, prom penury to prosperity, across winter and summer. Yet, the Tapestry changes. On the eve of each return of the Avatar to Britannia, a new image magically appears on the canvas in arresting color and bold stroke, foretelling the challenges that stand between the Avatar and his departure from us. No one has witnessed the artist, the paint applied by forces unknown to all. Close examination by our finest artists has failed to reveal the print of a single brush stroke from a mortal hand. Lord British himself professes ignorance, for he claims that the story of the Tapestry draws its color and stroke from the tides of Virtue flowing from the land itself.

Like our fair land and her noble Champion, the story lain on the fabric has blossomed over the centuries, from the Age of Darkness through the Age of Virtue and into the present, the Age of Enlightenment. From the upper reaches high on the wall, the tale of the Avatar has spread, story by story, across the imposing canvas to the furthest corner that hangs no higher than a man's reach. For even the plainest among us can see: there is no more room in the tale of the Avatar.

This, then, is his story. By connection to this land that draws him back time after time, it is the story of Britannia.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)


  • The Tapestry of Ages proved to be controversial for many players, citing depictions inconsistent with the historical events they illustrate, as well as calling into question the revelation of the piece's existence prior to Ultima IX. Efforts have been made to document the various points of contention, as can be seen in the link below.

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