Taylor, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Empath Abbey

Taylor is a monk at Empath Abbey, studying nature. He is essential in the Avatar's quest.

In the quest in Ultima VII to talk with the Xorinite Wisp, the Avatar met Taylor at Empath Abbey. Taylor was eager to talk with the Avatar about his work, telling the hero that he was studying the flora and fauna of the surroundings in his free time. However, he didn't dare to travel too much, since another monk, Brother Wayne, had disappeared doing exactly that. However, he thought of the Wisps as nothing more than a myth, adding that there was a rumor that the Emps could talk to them.

Further questioning about the Emps, Taylor remembered his meeting with one Emp, who started to talk to him by asking for honey. Taylor added that honey could be found in the Bee Cave, but cautioned against it because of the Giant Bees inhabiting it. But seeing that the Avatar nonetheless wanted to do it, he gave the hero a special smoke bomb which was designed to keep away the bees.

When asked about Kreg, Taylor admitted that the name told him nothing.

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