Temme, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Farthing

Temme is a sorceress living in Farthing at the time of Ultima V.

Right off the start, Temme showed to have a high opinion of herself, describing herself as a mage of great repute, being immodest about it. When the Avatar asked about the spell that her apprentice Dufus had mentioned, she was unable to recall either the incantation, nor the reagents. It showed that despite her big ego, she actually wasn't that great of a mage.

She actually suggests a spell that is not in the manual, "An Ylem", and two possible recipes: either garlic and blood moss, or sulphur ash and mandrake. If the Avatar uses the first recipe, he actually obtains a battle spell.

Ultima V: Lazarus Edit

This is an Ultima V: Lazarus-related article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Ultima V: Lazarus, her role was expanded and her background deepened, with her now being actually powerful, also giving lessons in magic for the right price.

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