Holding court in the Temple of Beauty

The Temple of Beauty in Fawn on Serpent Isle is one of the most wonderful buildings in the entire city. Located at the north end, the Temple houses the Oracle of Fawn, a huge statue of a nude woman of exceptional beauty. The Temple is also used for trials and to hear the verdict of the Oracle, the cells for the accused directly below the main floor. Few know that there is one more room...

During Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar revealed during the trial of Dupre, that the Oracle was manipulated to exercise power over the city. Proving this, Dupre was freed of all charges, and the Temple returned to its proper use.

Trivia Edit

  • The Oracle can either only free Dupre of all charges, or reveal the trial as a sham, the last option is the better one.
  • The Temple isn't guarded at night.