Teregus, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Terfin

Teregus is a gargoyle responsible for the Shrines of the Principles on Terfin.

Lord Draxinusom directed the Avatar to Teregus in Ultima VII after being told of the murder of Inamo, as Teregus had raised Inamo from an egg. After being told of Inamo's death, Teregus was in shock and needed time to grieve for his child.

Later, Teregus spoke of how it was sad that the Fellowship had taken hold of so many of the gargoyles of Terfin, and how few still came to the shrines to pay their respects. He told the Avatar about Quan, whom he described as self-serving, and of Runeb, whom he thought dangerous. He also asked the Avatar to investigate rumors of a plot to destroy the shrines.

When the Avatar found out that Sarpling and Runeb had planned to destroy the shrines, he asked the hero to confront Runeb, which in the end resulted in Runeb's death.

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