Thadious is a treasure hunter in Ultima IX who, along with his friends Castro, Felix, and Mourdin, was searching the dungeon Despise for the legendary Kiran Shield, with the Kiran Stones as the key.

Thadious had managed to venture the deepest into the dungeon, but right when the Avatar had managed to catch up with him, he was threatened to get crushed in a trap. Barely saved by the Avatar, Thadious gave up the green Kiran Stone, and explained that the stones were a key to great treasure.

He himself however had lost all interest after nearly getting crushed. He only wanted to return to Britain and forget the whole thing.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible to let Thadious die in the trap. Then however the Avatar has to go into it and get endangered, in order to get the green Kiran Stone.

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