The Honorable Hound was a tavern and inn located in Trinsic during Ultima VII on the corner of Strand and the Avenue of the Fellowship. It was owned by Apollonia.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate Edit

Price List Edit

Prices: Rooms Edit

A room costs 6 gold per person per night.

Prices: Food Edit

  • Bread: 2 gold
  • Cake: 2 gold
  • Flounder: 3 gold
  • Mutton: 3 gold
  • Silverleaf: 30 gold

Prices: Beverages Edit

  • Ale: 2 gold
  • Mead: 7 gold
  • Wine: 3 gold

Inn Register Edit

Looking at the register at the The Honorable Hound yields the following names of previous travelers:

  • Walter of Britain
  • Jaffe of Yew
  • Jaana
  • Atans of Serpent's Hold

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