The Lands of Lord British

The Lands of Lord British was one of the original continents of old Sosaria, ruled by Lord British and the Lost Kings in tandem. The Stranger visited them in Ultima I to get one of the gems for the time machine. With the defeat of Mondain, Sosaria was thundered apart, and the Lands of Lord British was the only of the four continents remaining.

The Lands were called Sosaria from then on, later becoming Britannia after Ultima III.

Locations Edit

Lands Lord-British

Detail: The Lands of Lord British

Castles Edit

  • The Castle of the Lost King
  • The Castle of Lord British

Signposts Edit

  • The Pillars of Protection[agility]
  • The Tower of Knowledge[protection]

Towns Edit

Dungeons Edit

  • The Dungeon of Perinia
  • The Lost Caverns
  • The Mines of Mt. Drash
  • The Mines of Mt. Drash II
  • Mondain's Gate to Hell
  • The Unholy Hole
  • The Dungeon of Doubt
  • The Dungeon of Montor
  • Death's Awakening

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