The Lands of the Feudal Lords

The Lands of the Feudal Lords were one of the original continents of old Sosaria, ruled by the Kings of Rondorlin and Barataria. The Stranger visited them in Ultima I on the quest to receive one of the gems for the time machine. With the defeat of Mondain, Sosaria was thundered apart, and nothing was ever heard again of the Lands of the Feudal Lords.

In Ultima Online: Samurai Empire, The Lands of the Feudal Lords were not destroyed after Mondain's defeat, but were reformed into the Tokuno Islands by a cataclysm.

Locations Edit

Lands Feudal-Lords

Detail: Lands of the Feudal Lords

Castles Edit

Signposts Edit

  • The Pillars of the Argonauts
  • The Pillar of Ozymandias

Towns Edit

  • Arnold
  • Linda
  • Helen
  • Owen
  • John
  • Gerry
  • Wolf
  • The Snake

Dungeons Edit

  • Scorpion Hole
  • The Savage Place
  • The Horror of the Harpies
  • The Horror of the Harpies II
  • Advari's Hole
  • The Labyrinth
  • The Gorgon's Hole
  • Where Hercules Died
  • The Dead Warrior's Fight

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